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Andrew Rakhshani (BA, University of Florida)
First-year project: Life events and changes in Borderline Personality Disorder

Sarah Heuckeroth (BA, Washington University)
First-year project: Integrating models of personality pathology: The example of BPD




Wake Forest University

Lauren Collier (MA, 2017)
Lauren is a doctoral student in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology program at Michigan State University
Thesis: Towards the development of a belief in moral relativism scale
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David Mendrygal (MA, 2016)
David is at Market Analyst at GfK Custom Research
Thesis: Patterns of (dis)agreement among the emotional reports of borderline personality disorder individuals and their informants

Savannah Bradley (MA, 2016)
Savannah is studying law at the William and Mary Law School
Thesis: Shared Understanding and Perception of Stressors in Borderlin Personality Disorder
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Max Barranti (MA, 2014)
Max is a doctoral student in the Social/Personality program at the Unviersity of Toronto at Mississauga (with Dr. Erika Carlson)
Thesis: Impressions of moral considerations and actions: An agreement approach
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Xia Allen (MA, 2013)
Xia is a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at the University of Notre Dame (with Dr. Lee Anna Clark)
Thesis: Language Use Patterns Associated with Borderline Personality Pathology: A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
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Ashley Hawkins (MA, 2012)
Ashley is the Research Coordinator for the Beacon Project here at Wake Forest (with myself and Will Fleeson)
Thesis: Exploring Subgroups of Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms Through Symptom Experience

Joelle Fanciullo (MA, 2011)
Joelle is a graduate student in the Clinical Social Work program at Hunter College in New York.
Thesis: Person-Differential Accuracy of Personality Judgment
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Dr. Carly P. Smith (MA, 2010)
Carly is an Assistant Professor of Humanities and Psychiatry at Penn State Medical School
Carly completed her doctoral work in Clinical Psychology at the The University of Oregon (with Dr. Jennifer Freyd), and she completed a Predoctoral Fellowship in Clinical and Community Psychology at the Yale School of Medicine's New Haven Hospital Adult DBT Service
Thesis: Subclinical Personality Pathology In Interpersonal Situations: Assessing Pathology-Relevant Behavior
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Dr. Erika Carlson (MA, 2008)
Winner of Wake Forest University's 2007-2008 Gordon A. Melson Outstanding Masters Student Award
Erika is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at University of Toronto at Mississauga
Erika completed her PhD in Social/Personality Psychology from Washington University (with Dr. Simine Vazire)
Thesis: Assessing meta-accuracy for people form different social contexts: People can detecet the impressions they make on others
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Kris Gauthier (MA, 2008)
Kris is Project Director for Emicity Research - a market research and consultancy.
Thesis: The Influence of Psychopathy on Self-other Agreementin Perceptions of Warmth and Dominance
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Dr. Lahnna Catalino (MA, 2006)
Lahnna is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at Scripps College
Lahnna completed her PhD in Social Psychology at the University of Noth Carolina at Chapel Hill (with Dr. Barbara Fredrickson)
Thesis: Trait-state interactions with the need for relatedness, competence, and autonomy
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Dr. Chris Nave (MA, 2006)
Chris is the Associate Director of the Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences program at the University of Pennsylvania
Chris completed his PhD in Social/Personality Psychology at the University of California at Riverside (with Dr. David Funder)
Thesis: The accuracy of personality judgments from a self-presentational perspective
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Appalachian State University

Heather Reimer (MA, General Experimental Psychology, 2004)
University of California at Riverside (Social/Personality PhD program, with Dr. David Funder)
Thesis: Lay prediction of behavior.

Elizabeth Schmidt (MA, Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Human Resources Management, 2004)
Elizabeth is HR Director at Hammersmith Management Consluting
Thesis: Differential item functioning of positively and negatively worded items:
An IRT study of the five core job dimensions of the Job Diagnostic Survey

Fran Bellis (MA, Clinical Psychology, 2004)
Fran is a Licensed Professional Counselor at Families Forward, LLC
Thesis: The self-presentation theory of social anxiety: An interactional and situational examination.

Dr. Brandon Rogers (MA, School Psychology, 2004)
Brandon is a therapist at Siskin Children's Institute in Chattanooga Tenn.
Brandon completed his PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy at Virginia Tech
Thesis: Parenting styles in relation to factors of self-concept: Self-esteem variables and identity integration.





Wake Forest University

Kate Nichols

Lauren Prince
Honors Thesis: Personality perception and interpersonal relationships in Borderline Personality Disorder

Alex Hummel
Alex is in the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology at Miami University

Madison Barfield

Kari Heuer

Alex Blackburn

Emilia Brown
Emilia is in the Doctoral program in Clinical Psychology at Washington State University

Alyssa Cantin
Alyssa is pursuing a Masters in Social Work at Columbia University

Brad Gray
Brad is in the Masters program in Clinical Psychology at Towson University

Jessica Nathan
Honors Thesis: Does Self-Reported Impulsivity have Consequential Social Outcomes?

Sarah Manly
Honors Thesis: The effects of socially desirable responding on the
relationship between personality disorders and self-other agreement of personality characteristics

Sarah earned a Masters in Intellectual Disability/Autism and Early Childhood Education-Initial Dual Certification at Columbia University

Sarah Giblin
In Fall 2008, Sarah began Masters study in General Psychology at New York University

Katie Kuhlken
In Fall 2008, Katie began Doctoral study in Clinical Psychology at University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Stokes Carrigan
Grants and Policy Coordinator, Year Up

Jenna Tucker
Honors Thesis: Interpersonal Values and Self-presentational Strategies in Everyday Life
Doctoral program in Social Work at University of North Carolina

Sarah Brede
Currrent project: Normative Opinions on Personality and Behavior (with K. Gauthier)
In Fall 2008, Sarah began attending West Chester University for a Masters in Social Work

Lindsey Dunn
Project: The Effect of Formatting on the Psychometric Properties of the IME Scale

Katie Farrar
Project: Personal Opinions on Personality and Behavior (with K. Gauthier)

Paul Hussman
Project: Interpersonal Perception, Metaperception and Personality Pathology (with E. Carlson)

Kathryn Pittman
Honors Thesis: Social anxiety: The influence of the stiuation and the imprtance of self-construal:
Kathyrn began Law School at Georgetown University in the Fall of 2006

Suzie Farris
Research topic: A profile approach to the assessment of personality disorders
PhD program in Social/Health Psychology at North Dakota State University


Appalachian State University

Matt Howe
After grduating from Appalachian State, Matt attended the College of William and Mary (General Experimental Psychology MA progam)
In Fall, 2006, Matt entered the PhD program in Biological Psychology at the University of Michigan

Patrik Stridh
Appalachian State University (Clinical Psychology MA program)

Becca Swanger

Jeremiah Angel